Krewe of Japan

Japanese Theme Parks ft. TDR Explorer

Episode Summary

In this week's episodes, Strap in for a wild ride as the Krewe talks Japanese theme parks! Nigel, Jennifer, & Doug all share their own experiences and favorite parks around the country. Then, Chris Nilghe of TDR Explorer joins us to talk all things theme parks! Tokyo Disney vs. Universal Studios Japan... who wins? Chris shares his top tips & tricks, along with some great insider knowledge for planning any theme park-based trip in Japan!

Episode Notes

In this week's episodes, the Krewe discuss visiting Japanese theme parks. From onsen and hawaii themed parks, to Disney and Universal Studios, Japan has a lot to offer when it comes to scratching your theme park itch. The Krewe shares their experiences visiting parks, and later in the episode are joined by Youtuber content creator Chris Nilghe of TDR Explorer to get an expert insight on tips, tricks, and helpful information on visiting theme parks in Japan.